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Your Tax Refund + Interest Free Month = TEMPUR-PEDIC® Mattress

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Ever heard of a power nap?  How about the power behind an entire night’s worth of restful sleep?

Most mattress warranties expire after 10 years.  If the warranty of your mattress has expired or is nearing its expiration date, you’ve probably already noticed you are not sleeping as comfortably as you used to.  Now is the ideal time to consider whether you can wait until next year’s tax refund before investing in the quality sleep you deserve with TEMPUR-PEDIC® products.

Today is a great day to check out all the TEMPUR-PEDIC® mattresses on sale. TEMPUR-PEDIC® mattresses are available with interest-free financing for a full 5 years.  We offer a complete line of TEMPUR-PEDIC® products including mattresses, bed bases, pillows, linens and other accessories.  So whether you’ve recently received your tax refund and would like to apply it toward your mattress or if you prefer to finance your entire purchase interest free, we can fit you with the ideal mattress and accessories that can take you from experiencing a mere power nap, to experiencing the power of an entire night’s worth of excellent sleep.

TEMPUR-PEDIC® mattresses, pillows and other accessories are specifically tailored to address issues such as chronic back pain, neck pain and other physical ailments.  Let our mattress experts evaluate your specific needs in order to determine which TEMPUR-PEDIC® products are best for you.  Don’t wait another year before experiencing what a truly good night’s sleep can do for you.

Want to know more about free financing for TEMPUR-PEDIC® mattresses?  Click here.