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Rem-Fit 200 Series Activity Tracker

$99.99 $69.99

•Package Include: a “REM-Fit Active” Fitness Tracker, 2x SecureActive Wristbands, a Belt Clip, a USB Charging Dock and instruction booklet
•Able to track: ActivePoints, SleepPoints, 360 LifeScore, Steps, Distance, Calories Burned
•OLED Display
•Up to 5-7 days of battery life
•Wireless Sync
•Advanced Watch
•iOS App (iPhone 4S or higher), Android App (Android 4.3 + BLE or higher required)

Additionally, the REM-Fit Active 200 can track your steps, distance and calories burned and show you all of this information on the OLED display.

REM-Fit Active 200 motivates you to move more, get better sleep, get healthy and reach your goals!

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