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If you have ever received a professional massage, then you know how they can relieve tension, relax painful, stiff muscles and provide a wonderful sense of overall well-being. Now you can bring that feeling right into your own home with an Osaki Massage chair. With our lowest prices ever, you can experience a luxurious and relaxing massage all within the privacy and comfort of your own home, at a very affordable price.

Massage Benefits

All Osaki Massage chairs house an intelligent microcomputer that can be programmed to offer a variety of massage manipulations including maneuvers such as Shiatsu, tapping, clapping, kneading and more. These massage maneuvers specifically target acupressure points in the body, helping to improve blood circulation, reduce fatigue and promote increased metabolism. With an Osaki Massage chair, you are in control. You decide which massage techniques are most effective for you and how much or how little you would like a certain area to be massaged.

The Osaki 3D Pro Dreamer

Our 3D Pro Dreamer model not only offers the above features, it also offers music and light synchronization, along with a human-like massage experience. This model normally sells for $6,299.00, however our current sales price is only $3,999.00!

The Osaki 4000LS Massage Chair

The Osaki 4000LS provides a full body massage experience, with rollers that massage all the way from your neck down to the bottom of your thighs. This chair can also effectively massage the shoulder area and the feet, where it targets specific acupressure points. The chair uses body scan technology, scanning your back to find your specific acupressure points, allowing it to provide a massage specifically tailored just for you. Other great features include the ability to heat the lumbar (lower back) area, and recline into a zero gravity position simply by pressing a button, allowing for decompression of the spine. With all of these rich features and our lowest price ever of $2,999.00 (regularly $4,999), this deal is simply too good to pass up.

Shop online today or visit us in-store to try out one of these models, or one of our other luxury Osaki massage chairs at any of our locations.