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Treat yourself to a night of undisturbed bliss in the comfort of your own home — every night! Come to The Back Store to check out the Tempur-Legacy™ Mattress Set during our Black Friday Sale November 17th – 29th. Quantities are limited at the extraordinarily low price of only $1,999 for the highly praised Tempur-Legacy™ Queen Flat Mattress set (originally $2,499)!

The real value, however, is in the mattress. The Tempur-Pedic™ design features layers of high quality material that build on each other to create the perfect resting place for your body. Each layer is more supportive, responsive, and cozy.

The outer fabric is flexible adjusting to your every move and increasing air flow. This free-movement technology is enhanced with moisture-wicking capabilities to draw moisture away from your body, keeping you comfortable all night.

The soft comfort layer works with the support layer to cradle your body and relieve pressure points. This is the magic layer of The Tempur-Legacy™ Mattress because it readily conforms to your body while simultaneously providing a strong base that evenly distributes weight throughout the mattress without disturbing a sleep partner.

The base layer material provides a sturdy, well-structured foundation for even weight distribution, and it is designed to draw heat away from the upper layers.

From bottom to top, this durable mattress securely holds space for your body to move freely without waking. Even weight transference, breathable core materials, and a flexible fabric work together to keep you dreaming all night. Yes, a peaceful night’s sleep can be yours just in time for the holidays!

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